“EVENT” !!! The word itself opens up a Pandora’s box. In this era of professionalism and innovation every individual or group are keen to give a ‘Midas Touch’ to their endeavors; an ‘X’ factor that will set apart their event from all others! At GC this is what we aspire. Out of the box thinking and fresh ideas help us make your events a class apart. In this segment, the following are various types of event that Team GC can help you organize.


Any Audio – Visual aid has a long-lasting impact on the minds of its audiences only when the actors merge into their characters. Casting, here, plays a pivotal role. Character artists, especially, are the ones who have the ability to carve a niche on the minds of the audiences.

However, for this Casting needs to be flawless. The likes of Mehmood from Gumnaam, Mogambo from Mr. India, Babu Bhai from Hera Pheri, Chand Mohammad from Bajrangi Bhaijaan… are memorable in the Indian film diaspora. Bringing non-living characters to life with an effort so flawless that the character gets identified by the individual actor is the power of effective Casting. Read More




You name it… we do it ! Right from Invites to Honeymoon Packages, we at GC are specialized to provide customized service to each of our clients. We realize that a wedding not only is the most memorable event for a couple and their families, but also entails using of resources that have been hard-earned and limited.

  • Invites
  • Venue
  • Menu
  • Film marketing (film promotion and in-film branding) – being a Read More


This segment has a wide array of services that GC offers; right from creation to marketing.

  • Films
  • Ad films / TVC
  • Documentaries
  • Short films / web series
  • Film marketing (film promotion and in-film branding) – being a complete entertainment, marketing agency, engaging in pan India city tours, Read More